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For Indian users,
0.Download Odin link below
1.After that run odin
2.Start your phone in Download mode by pressing (volume down+home+power button) when phone in shut down mode
3.when odin recognise your phone it will be show yellow box and port below
4.Select pit file
5.secect bootloader file:BOOT---------------------.tar pda file:PDA-----------------------------------.tar phone file:MODEM----------------------------.tar csc file:GT-S5360-MULTI-CSC--------------------------.tar 
9.start process takes 1 to 3 mins
10.when you passed phone will restart and you will done.....


Repencis rom v2.5 lite

Rpencis rom v2.5 lite 
1) Download zip and put directly in memory card
2) Download CWM
3) Turn Off phone
4) Boot in Recovery (Volume Up + Home + Power)
5) Wipe Data
6) Apply Update from SDcard
7) Select CWM
8) You will go into CWM recovery
9) Select Install zip from SDcard
10) Then select Choose Zip from SDcard
11) Select
12) It will install
13) Go back using power button and click Reboot System
14) First boot will take time but wait.
15) Repeat step 4 and this time install
16) Enjoy :P

Download link v2.5lite
update link 

[Custom ROM] CREEDSiX ROM (Mixed Creed's ROM 2.0 upto 2.5 to make a BETTER version)

C R E E D S i X R O MThis is not another CUSTOM ROM, this ROM is based onpratyush.creed's CREEDS' ROM. All from version 2.0 to 2.5 mixed and made it BETTER. Plus few system apps and tweaks I added. 

Tested and working on DXLA1&2.
Working on all ROMs (Stock and Custom) since this is a CWM Recovery and not a flashable zip file.

CREEDSiX ROM Features:

•Adb/Hard Root
•Soft Root- Superuser v.3.07
•Pre Deodexed
•Maps With WorldWide Navigation
•Bloatware Apps Removed
•BusyBox Support v.1.19.3
•Supports init.d tweaks
•Includes 30+ init.d tweaks
•V6 Supercharged at 512HP Balanced settings
•Kickass Kernelizer tweaks
•3G Booster Fastest setting
•Detailing: SQlite Vacuum & Reindex ready!
•Engine Flush ready!
•Includes 4 Wallpapers
(Includes Message App)
-No Auto Sms To Mms Conversion
-No Receipient Limit
-Built In 5 Theme
(Touchwiz App Samsung Home)
-Transparency Level Increased
-Alphabetical Auto Arrange
-Landscape Orientation Intoduced
-ICS Icons
-ICS Tones (Notification, Alarm, Ringtone & System UI)
-Boot Animation Enabled
-Custom Boot Animation Added
-Custom Power On Sound
-Reduces Startup Time ~Less Than 13 seconds
(14 Status Bar Toggles)
•All 5 From Samsung(Wifi,B/T,Soung,GPS,Orientation)
•Shut Down Options
•Reboot,Recovery & Download modes
•Airplane Mode
•Auto Synchronise
•Screen Timeout
(Fixes and Removed)
•(fix) Boot Delay on v2.0
•(fix) Alarm Clock bug on v2.1
•(fix) Keyboard Missing on v2.5
•(removed) ICS Locscreen on v2.5
•(removed) Email app on v.2.0

(Additional Apps)
•Chainfire 3D
•DSP Manager
•Memory Booster PRO
•SD Booster
•Quickoffice PRO
•Script Manager
•Smart Keyboard
•Super Backup:SMS & Contacts
•TTPod English Version
•Youtube Downloader
•Titanium Backup Pro

How to Install:
1.) Download here.
2.) Move onto your SD Root.
3.) Download here
4.) Extract "" either to your Desktop PC or mobile.
5.) Locate the extracted zip file "sdcard_saiz" folder.

NOTE: If you have a previous CWM backup, you can just copy "CREEDSiX" folder into your SD root "/sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/PUTCREEDSIXFOLDERHERE" 

6.) Copy all files inside the folder and paste it in your SD root, overwrite all! If you have a previous CWM backup, don't overwrite clockworkmod folder.
7.) Shutdown your phone.

NOTE: Remeber to BACKUP your current ROM, apps, contacts, messages and etc.

8.) After shutdown, go to recovery mode by pressing and holding (volume up key+menu key+lock key), when Samsung logo appears, release the keys.

NOTE: Recovery menu controls are Volume up and down keys for up and down and Menu key for enter.

9.) On the recovery mode, select "apply update from sdcard".
10.) Choose ""
11.) You will be brought to CWM Recovery Mode, select "Backup and Restore" then select "Restore", choose "CREEDSiX" and wait for the data to be restored.
12.) After restoring CREEDSiX, go back by pressing the soft back key and select "Reboot now".


ChobitsDigitalisV1.2 ROM

What's in it:

+ Fast, Stable and Beautiful
+ Deodexed APKs; Reindexed
+ Zipaligned; Batch Optimized
+ Cyan Themed UI;Skinned Apps
+ Go Launcher EX as default home launcher
+ Superuser Access; Busybox Support
+ Supports Dartktremor's A2sd; Init.d scripts
+ Compatible with V6 Supercharger
+ Google Music; Gingerbread Keyboard; Swype
+ Fixed xLoud; Beats Audio; Bravia Engine Port
+ Build.prop tweaks; Boot Animation with Sound

Added Features:

+ Listnote; Fast Reboot; Where's My Droid?
+ Quick setting; 14 Toggles by lidroid rom
+ Alarm Droid and more to come!

Installation Instructions:

- Boot in Stock Recovery
(volup + HOME + Power Button Simultaneously)

- Select "wipe data/factory reset" proceed to "YES"

- Select "cache partition"

- Select "apply update from sdcard"

- Select ""

- Reboot your phone

- First Boot will take 2-3 minutes to initialize,
your phone will vibrate and will continue to load.

-Once it fully loaded, tap "Menu + Preferences + Backup/Restore + Reset to default"
(this steps ensure that you have the default desk settings loaded) (zip)

How to update to V1.2

its simple
after installing v1 do the same process the diffrence is you will not require to clear data and cache.
and this file instead of   ""

[CusRom] Repencis v3 - DXLC1

This ROM is by far one of the best looking Roms out there.. A must Try !!

Main features:

* Rooted
* Deodexed all system apks
* Arabic font plugin
* Flash player plugin
* Zipalign all apks on boot
* Init.d script support
* Adw Launcher Ex as default launcher
* ICS Iconized with orange default style
* New Dialer, New Audio UI, New Settings, New Music, New Youtube (with Download Mode)
* 14 status bar toggle (see below to activate flashlight toggle)
* Added Repencis Labs:

* - Apk Replacer
* - AutoZipUpdater
* - Battery Line
* - Lockscreen addon
* - Repencis Theme
* - Custom Patcher
* And many more......


* New kernel
* Cool Ram Management
* Fast booting and shutdown
* Other tweaked things
* Don't worry about launcher and lockscreen add-on
* Fix WiFi, internet and BootSound after last version
* And many more.......


We are not responsible for any damage of your phone, do a full backup with TB and CWMRecovery if needed.

Download link:


* Go to Recovery by Holding Power + Home + Volume up button

* Flash with CWM Recovery >>
* After flash/update from zip, do a wipe data, wipe cache partition
And reboot.

To fix bootanimation, reboot again and flash this zip :

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